Full Moon in Taurus ~ October 2018


The Full Moon In Taurus is complete on October 24th, 2018.

This moon cycle has been known as the hunter’s moon, as this is the time of year, in the northern hemisphere, when we are tasked to gather resources to make it through the winter.

The sun has just entered Scorpio, deepening our impulse to personalize the meaning of our relationships. The sun in Libra had us inclined to focus on the other, outside of ourselves, our experiences of being in relationship, the need for harmony and balance in being partnered or teamed or maybe even seemingly mismatched. When it moves into Scorpio there is much more concern with our internal processes that derive from, and come up because of these connections.

Though, there was already a lot of Scorpionic energy leading us into today. The sun is joining Venus (retrograde), Jupiter, and Mercury in the sign of desire, power, and transmutation. There has been an unavoidable contact with strong feelings coming to the surface of our relationships; past and present. Things are being called to be rectified by looking at the cause of the brokenness.

Now that we have fully entered the underworldly realm, and have a light shining on our shadow, we are more conscious of how these relationships with others are direct reflections of what is going on inside of us. …our internal struggle with what we desire to have in our lives.

This proclivity we have for tuning into our feelings about what’s going on outside of us (or so it seems) during Scorpio season serves as an initial disruption to our scheduled program in order to compel us to act. The highest expression would be evolution, but often these deep dives into our psyche dispose us to projection. This is where we get stuck, because this is a fixed sign axis. Our focus is strengthened, and if the feelings or secrets we are stewing on are powerful enough (and scorpio suggests they are) this focus can show up as fear, repulsion, abjection, paranoia, obsessive compulsion, and all sorts of other self-destructive modes of expression.

Scorpio does not let us hide

This is a feared season, in some ways, but it is also the season of transformation magic.

The season when we honor our beloved dead, including the parts of ourselves we’ve died to.

If we can recognize that the power that Scorpio holds is in the awareness of ourselves, we can utilize it for empowerment. If we know what we desire and transform to match it, we can merge with it and become it. That is why Scorpio can see value in that which others fear or reject. This is where the power comes from, where it is born.

Our desire nature lends itself immediately to question our value in order to receive. Do we feel we deserve that which we seek? How do we bring ourselves more fully into alignment with that which we value; that which nourishes us and validates us?

This value is represented by Scorpio’s opposite sign, Taurus. When these signs speak to one another the transformation and death of Scorpio fertilizes the growth of the garden of Taurus. The sun in Scorpio shines its light in the dark for us to do the work of decomposing. During this full moon it is conjunct and moving closer to Venus retrograde, showing us that the ways we have related to others or looked for pleasure or beauty have left us with healing to do. When the sun and Venus look upon the full moon, they notice she is conjunct Uranus, a planet with shocking insight and illuminating potential. Coming into a conjunction with Uranus is jarring, whether we see it coming or not. There is not much that can prepare you for the full body experience of flashing clarity of Uranus. The patterns and responses we are comfortable with (moon) need to be revolutionized now (Uranus).

The impetus for dying to our old selves this Scorpio season is stronger than normal, because the full moon brings our attention to a way out of our old patterns. The hard part is that it feels like a shock to our system. It may be rendering us somewhat paralyzed right now, as we adjust, like retinas, to a new wattage of reality.

The changes we can make in the name of a renewed sense of deserving and self- love are so karmic at this time. As Venus and the sun oppose Uranus and the moon, they also square the lunar nodes creating a Grand Cross. This is a pivotal moment for us all to be doing this work. We are at a time when the things we are exposing and transmuting are bringing us closer to our uniqueness (N.N. in Leo). We are collectively shifting outdated paradigms.

Studies have been documented confirming that our biology is wired to inherit certain experiences as cellular memory. Just as our genetic codes herald songs of almond shaped eyes or sloped noses, they also contain codes for safe behavioral patterns. When certain animals were exposed to unpleasant or painful stimulus in these lab tests, their children and grandchildren averted from these things without ever having been exposed to their consequential pain or harm. Our bodies remember the trauma of our ancestors whether we are conscious of it or not. In this way, we see we are shaped by our ancestral memory.

We are working through trauma and baggage that they we’ve carried for years, for generations.

Cracking our calloused ways of understanding value (and thereby value exchange) as a society and as individuals allows us to hold space to heal these generational wounds. We can work with our ancestors by tapping into their energy and knowledge.

I took the above picture on May 16th of this year, the day Uranus entered Taurus and simultaneously the day of the Taurean new moon. I had to go get bloodwork done, which hurt. I was stuck several times in order to actually access my vein, and I was anxiously focusing on the potential for results I didn’t want confirmed. …toiling in my woundedness.

When I ripped off the bandage to view the wound, I found a sweet little symbol to reflect on. We have to be exposed to that which wounds us in order to find our strength and resolve to move beyond it. We have to hold space without conditions, with love for self predominating. When we make ourselves and our own healing the priority, we can more fully see how to hold and help others through their own healing processes. When we give ourselves the proper time and tools, we nourish ourselves and tend to the job of enriching the fertilizer for what we want to grow. And so, here we are, holding each other through our personal storms, and showing one another how to release the things that have been taking away from our creative potential.

This moon has inspired me to create a four card tarot spread in order to work with the energy of our ancestors. We can feel into who is here to help guide you, the wounds you have been carrying, and how best to go about healing. This spread will have peak relevance up until the next Full moon in Gemini on November 22nd/23rd. The cost is $35. And, in the spirit of Venus and healing through relationships, referring a friend will get you half off of your reading [or any future reading of equal or lesser value]!

If you are interested in purchasing a tarot reading or have further inquiries you can contact me here.

I would love to hear how you’ve been moving through this time, what tools you’re using to aid you, and what realizations you’ve been experiencing. Where/how do you see your current wounds, fears and patterns playing out? Do you see how they might correlate to your ancestors? Do you feel you carry wounds from kin who don’t share your blood, but may share a similar struggle? (queer, trans, femme, GNC, other POC, etc.?) Let me know in the comments here or on my facebook page or instagram. <3

Here’s to loving healing. <3

Neptune Stations Direct - a Poem


I hold my nose and jump in.

Bubbles rise, dancing.

Unclear of what I really just committed to.

Letting the glassy container hold me,
Settling in to get a better look at
What is under here.
When the excitement dies down,
And the crowds have all dispersed,
And you are on your own,
And you are alone.
But, there is still something greater holding you,
And you want to cry out,
But you cannot find your voice.
And when you do, it is so muffled.
And it chokes you, and you breathe in to a sharp stabbing pain.
Aren't you adapting yet? 
Have you not figured this out?
You can't manage. 
Maybe you are not cut out
for this...
Shark-like shadows circle, stalking,
Waiting for the right time
to bite deeply into,
the meat of the body of your form here.
They gaze,
And graze,
And then,
When you remember you can't breathe,
I come up for air. Gasping.
Crying. Bleeding.
Purging. Letting out. 
and I could stay up here...
But that won't help my gills to develop,
or relieve my curiosity,
Of the sunken treasure the alchemists call gold.
So, I will meet you in my crystalline dreams. 
Neptunian blessings. Plutonian themes.
Meet me, and metamorphose.