Supporter of Cycles.

Samantha is a warm, gentle being with a caring touch. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable, and showed utmost care for my health.
— K

My name is Samantha.

sam self.jpg

Feel free to call me Sam.

I will also accept Magic Woman, Genius Mystic, or anything crazy/sexy/cool like that.

I focus on serving and supporting people through the passages of their lives.

I believe in the process of becoming.

I believe change is undeniable...inevitable to the human experience. I believe sovereignty is a basic human right. These truths help me to serve others with unconditional understanding, care, and humility. 

My passion is fueled by a philosophy of empowerment, support, ceremony, and service through the spaces of life that feel momentous and sacred, big and small. I wish to bring your awareness to your own holy process; your own spiritual essence permeating your human presence.

Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)
— Whitman

I am a full spectrum doula, which means I am a space holder for every phase of the reproductive process; whether you’re waxing or waning, ebbing or flowing. I support people with resources, education, information, counsel, spiritual insight, communication, ritual, and holding sacred space to celebrate, grieve, and engage in their transformations.

I certified with Healthy Babies as a breastfeeding counselor in 2014. I also have two children who have ushered me into awakenings I didn’t realize were a part of my journey until they opened the doors and showed me the signs. Breastfeeding was transformative for me, and I recognize the significant and sacred role it can play in molding our early parenting experience. 

I am certified in reiki (levels 1 & 2), which is a form of energy work. (Think chiropractic for your chakras/meridians) I utilize this energy practice in combination with all of my services.


I am also a divinatory counselor.

I offer a host of astrological chart readings as well as tarot readings and dream interpretation. My approach is heavily influenced by my studies and understanding in the realms of philosophy, psychology, feminism, activism, spirituality, anarchism, idealism and respectful parenting.


If you’re feeling called to connect, I’m thrilled! Take the next step, and I’ll meet you on the other side.

I’d love to chat and answer any questions you may have. Connect with me on my Contact Page.
You can also follow my Instagram for more musings, vibes, and inspirations to stir your soul juice.

I was referred to Samantha through a mutual friend when I was experiencing some personal troubles. I was seeking guidance and clarity. We began with a tarot reading, which led to the inclusion of natal chart discovery and dream analysis, which turned into a phenomenal friendship. Her intelligence and understanding for people and her work is beyond question, and her massive heart shows through her work. Her insight and compassion has carried me to a new and better place in my life. She is undeniably incredible in the work she does, and she will go above and beyond for you as well.
— J